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Our “Mojo” And The Way We Lead

People Promise

At KFC, our people are our number one priority. From our Team Members and Restaurant Managers to the people in our corporate Restaurant Support Centre, we believe in giving our people an opportunity to: be your best self, make a difference, and have fun!

Be Your Best Self

Being yourself and being championed by others is a recipe for success.

Make A Difference

Your spice is unique, a story like no other. And 'it's important you share it. 

Have Fun

When we each add our own spice to the team, we make it stronger. It's a culture enriched with diversity where we are free to be ourselves, and have fun doing it!

Family Inclusive Workspace

When you join the KFC family, we care about you and your family! KFC is proud to be certified as a Family Friendly Workspace ensuring that our policies and culture not only support but also promote family friendly ways of working.

“We have a heart-led culture that helps feed people’s potential and brings the best out of every individual. We want to make sure that our people promise; To be your best self, make a difference and have fun; is alive in every restaurant with every team member.”

Karen Ancira


Heartstyles is a personal, leadership and cultural development program rolled into one. Our heart-led culture describes a way of being a team, setting a common language, and understanding how to work most effectively together as an organisation. We believe a more constructive way of working is through humility, accountability for results, a passion for personal growth and growing others around you.

Heartstyles is an intuitive and practical method for helping people learn how to become the best versions of themselves, lead authentically and build workplace cultures that unlock the potential of teams and deliver strong results. Everyone at KFC, including our Restaurant and Field teams, learns about and participates in the Heartstyles program, with an opportunity to complete a personal indicator each year to continue working on being your best self.  

KFC Leadership Development Programs

At KFC, we believe that leaders who are willing to be vulnerable and invest time in building trust with their team can deliver amazing results. Courageous leaders who speak the truth and make decisions during times of uncertainty will enable our business to deliver our vision.

We have made the promise to inspire and support all our people to be their best self. Our leadership development programs are designed to empower our people to fulfil their potential and enable them to lead with ‘Smart, Heart and Courage’ and shape a positive culture that delivers outstanding results.  

Our Famous Recognition Culture

We believe in celebrating the wins and contributions of all our teams. Every chance we get, we like to give a shout out to those that have gone over and above to ensure we deliver an even better outcome for our customers and our people. People across the business recognise others with their own personal award, which are often quirky but with a heart-warming message. 

Everyone Has A Seat At Our Table

Here at KFC, we see ourselves as an equal opportunity employer, by providing a level playing field for all. Our work environment is inclusive, and we strive for a workplace where diversity of thought and perspective is welcomed, sought out and developed. This means no matter your gender identity, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, disability, life stage or another legally protected status – you've always got a seat and voice at our table.

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) goals are to minimise or eliminate unconscious bias through employee education. We want to ensure our workplaces are places where people can have meaningful conversations about diversity and inclusion.

We have undertaken unconscious bias training across our Restaurant Support Centre (RSC) since 2019. We run anti-harassment training for everyone across the RSC, to help recognise situations that may involve harassment or discrimination and what to do when you experience or witness these situations.

We are intentional about diversity of participants on our leadership development programs, and our DE&I calendar cultivates an environment of inclusion and belonging by celebrating cultural days and days of significance across the RSC and Restaurants. We continue to be a leader for female representation in senior leadership roles. 71% of the senior leadership team are female, while 53% of all RSC line managers are female. We are also proud of the fact that 72% of Restaurant leaders are female. This is something we continue to focus on.

Supporting Youth

For more than 40,000 young Aussies working in our restaurants, KFC will be their first training school, their second family and the place where they can be themselves outside of school and home. We proudly provide our people with personal development, life skills, training initiatives, and wellbeing support to help them be their best selves, make a difference, and have fun.

With around three-quarters of common mental health problems emerging before the age of 25, millennials are under more pressure than ever. Couple this with the fact they've faced two 'once in a lifetime' events in their lives; there's never been more of a need to support young Australians' mental wellbeing.

The KFC Youth Foundation is our chance to help more young Aussies beyond the walls of our restaurants. It's our opportunity to give young people the mental wellbeing skills and support they need now and into the future. Since launching, we're proud to have raised $5.04m to give young people the mental wellbeing skills and support they need now and into the future.

Together with us on this journey, we have three incredible charity partners, The Black Dog Institute, ReachOut Australia and Whitelion.

Visit KFC Youth Foundation