Tips for landing the job

Job interviews can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. Here are some tips for showing us your best self on interview day.

Tip 1

Be prepared

This website is packed with information on what it’s like to work at KFC and the kind of people we hire. Read it carefully before interview and bring along any questions you might have.  

Tip 2

First impressions count

Dress for success! To us that means wearing clean, well-ironed clothes, and having neat hair. Leave your loud ties, big jewellery and heavy fragrances at home.

Tip 3

Practice makes perfect

Practice answering common interview questions with family or friends. Do it again and again until everything runs smooth. It will help boost your confidence and conquer any interview nerves.

Tip 4

Don't be late

First impressions are important, so come on time! We recommend arriving at least 10 minutes early. This will give you a few minutes to relax and gather your thoughts before meeting with us.

Tip 5

Be yourself

We hire team members with all kinds of skills, backgrounds and personality types. For the best shot at joining our team you simply need to smile, be authentic and let your personality shine!

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