Teaching skills for life

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Teaching skills for life

Initiative. Teamwork. Leadership. Confidence. Responsibility.

Young people working at KFC learn valuable life skills that help them prepare for their future career – whether it’s within our company or somewhere else. Through structured online and on-the-job training, our team members grow diverse skill-sets and accomplish great things.

As a Registered Training Organisation, our team members have the opportunity to participate in nationally recognised traineeships and gain formal qualifications. For university students, we also offer a graduate program that involves rotating through key roles in our corporate head office.

FAQs for parents

Here are common questions we receive from parents about working hours, entitlements and what their child should bring on their first day.

  • Will working at KFC interfere with my child’s studying?

    We believe that school comes first. That’s why we offer flexible rostering that allows students to manage both their studies and work.

  • How old does my child need to be to work?

    Some states and territories enforce minimum age restrictions for children wishing to work. Contact your state government to find out whether an age limit applies to your child. 

  • What award are employees employed under?

    The KFC National Enterprise Agreement 2009.

  • My child has been hired by KFC. What do they need to do before starting work?

    Before your child’s first day of work, they need to complete a tax declaration form. These can be obtained from the Restaurant Manager, the post office or the Australian Tax Office. Details typically required for employment records include:

    • Full name 
    • Residential address 
    • Phone number 
    • Emergency contact details 
    • Superannuation fund details 
    • Tax file number 
    • Bank details including a bank account number 
    • Date of birth (if under 21)
    • Parent or guardian’s contact details (if under 18)

    It is particularly important that your child provides a tax file number, otherwise they may risk having tax deducted at a higher rate.

  • What hours will my child need to work?

    Your child may be required to work a minimum amount of hours per week and/or be available for specific shift days and times. This will depend on their location and whether they are employed on a full time or casual basis. We'll inform your child of any work hour requirements before their first day of work. 

  • Will KFC make superannuation contributions?

    Your child will receive superannuation contributions if they are under 18 years of age, earn $450 or more (before tax) in a calendar month and work more than 30 hours in a week.

    Team members who are over 18 and earning $450 or more (before tax) in a calendar month will also receive superannuation contributions.

    For more information on your child’s superannuation entitlements, contact the Australian Taxation Office’s Superannuation Guarantee Hotline on 13 10 20.

    Still have questions? Feel free to get in touch.